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But nobody took her up on her offer, thus she was left with just the shell of what was once Museum Museum. Fortunately, a closer inspection of the sprawling space that was left after the fire gave Florentino the bright idea that would change her fortunes. And that was to redevelop part of the original space occupied by Music Museum into retail outlets, a move that was also prompted by the call of the Ortigas group to refresh the Shoppesville shopping arcade. On a piece of paper, my architect and I were able to put a plan together. I did not know anything about mix or tenancy, but the idea was already there to develop a mini-mall. That became Shoppesville Plus, says Florentino. Shoppesville Plus, which was opened in November 1993, was Florentinos first major foray into retail development and it was an instant hit, allowing Florentino to raise part of the funds she needed to bring Music Museum back to life, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Florentino admits that she did consider walking away from Music Museum, since she was already busy with the retail outlets. But she quickly… realized that she could not turn her back on such a unique concept that means so much to the music industry.
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December 15, 2013